Getting the best from your candle.
We want you to enjoy your candle to the very bottom. And by following a few tips you will ensure that you will.
The first burn is the most important burn in the life of the candle. Only light a new candle if you know you’re going to be able to burn it for as long as it takes for the whole width of the top layer of wax to melt - to the outer edge of the jar. This will ensure that when the wax sets and when you light it the next time you will get an even burn/melt and not create a tunnel or deep pool. 
Keep the wick trimmed and adjusted. Wicks are made of cotton string and as such they lack structure. As it burns down if it isn’t trimmed it will curl over and head south. Blow out the candle, snip the wick to approx 7mm, remove the charred part and relight. Sometimes you may need to adjust a wick to a more central position - using a toothpick, stick etc to gently push the burning wick back into the centre if its leaning. This will ensure a more even burn.
Replace the lid in between burns. This will protect your candle from dust and discolouring, and also keep the scent fresh.
Safety - please don’t move your candle once lit. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Avoid drafts. Avoid direct sunlight. Store upright.